After more than thirty years of clinical practice, Dr. Thomas Bowers is retiring. As a result, Family Development Services, P.C. is no longer accepting referrals. Family Development Services was originally founded in 1990, incorporated in 2002, and continued its operation through this year. While retired, Dr. Bowers will continue to pursue his interests in clinical neuropsychology, his writing, clinical consultation, and scholarly work.

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  • Assessment for cerebral functioning in adults and children
  • Assessment for attention disorders, such as ADHD and Specific Learning Disorders (SLD)
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations
  • Pediatric, Adult and Geriatric Neuropsychological Evaluations 
  • Assessment for capacity to manage day to day functioning
  • Forensic assessment of capacity and cognitive functioning
  • Psychological Examinations
  • Weapons and security clearance evaluations

Family Development Services, P.C. is now closed.


Please note that Dr. Bowers is retiring, and hence no further appointments are being accepted.

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Family Development Services is now closed.

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We longer are accepting appointments. If consultation is required, Dr. Bowers will only be available by self pay.