Family Development Services, P.C.

Our Services

Our roses around our office are of great joy to us. Many of our roses are imperfect, but we strive to give them as rewarding a life as possible through our nurturance and care.

Of course, we are closed now, but we are proud of our history of service in clinical neuropsychology. We were specialized professional psychologists and counselors, with specific interests and skills in clinical neuropsychology, counseling psychology and psychotherapy. Our focus on neuropsychology included pediatric aspects, such as assessment of brain behavior relationships in children age four and above, assessment of specific learning disorders, the development of remediation plans and plans for psychoeducational assistance. For adults, we also provided assessment of brain behavioral functioning relative to specific learning disorders, closed head injury and other similar difficulties. We also assisted with planning and diagnosis for older individuLals with memory problems and possible dementia. We have been able to provide assistance in cases with forensic implications.

Numerous professionals have dedicated their time and expertise to aid our clients throughout the greater Harrisburg area while employed at Family Development Services. They contributed to the development of our clinical services, and the enrichment of many lives. There are nearly too many of these clinicians to adequately thank for their contributions. However, we extend our sincere appreciation (in roughly chronological order) to the following staff and interns who contributed to the success of Family Development Services, and to the welfare and well-being of our clients and their families:

            Risë VanFleet, Ph.D.
            Cindy Stauffer, M.S.
            Sherwood Stauffer, M.S.

             Lynne Davies, M.A.
            Donna M. Struck, Psy.D., LPC

            Mary Roman, Ph.D.
            Lawrence C. McCloskey, Ph.D.

            Senel Poyrazli, Ph.D.
            Mandi Derr Bailey, M.A., LPC
            Cobi Michael, Ph.D.
            Holly Kricher, Psy.D.
            Amber Bartow, M.A.
            Gina Brelsford, Ph.D.
            Karen M. Glatfelter, M.A., LPC
            Matthew Taylor, M.A. (Psy.D. candidate)
            Charity Seitz, M.A. (Psy.D. candidate)